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1st 4 Garage Services Vehicle Air Conditioning In Dagenham

Vehicle Air Conditioning In Dagenham

Air Conditioning or Climate Control is fitted to so many modern cars and even commercial vehicles. Whilst it’s a much appreciated luxury, it does need both servicing and occasional repairs.

Air-Con systems do require re-charging (refrigerant being replenished) and that’s part of “Servicing” the system. We have all the latest equipment and offer this service – as many other garages do. However, we differ from most by having trained technicians who understand how the systems work. Countless times customers have told us that the system was recently re-charged, but has failed again. Most of the time, that is because the re-charge was carried out by Unqualified staff in an incorrect manner.

System Testing & Repairs

Air-Con systems can lose refrigerant through leaks in the seals or fittings. We trace those leaks by draining the system, refilling with Nitrogen and pressure testing. Once the leak has been located, we can carry out the required repair work.

Other faults can occur and another common fault is the failure of the compressor. Air-Conditioning is a specialist area and we have the equipment and expertise to carry out the required repairs.

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