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Forte Lubricants Stockists at 1st 4 Garage Services

Forte Lubricants Stockists

We have used and supplied Forte products for many years now and rate them very highly indeed. Click here for a link to their Website - Opens A New Tab

As with all our stock ranges, we both use them ourselves and sell to our customers on request.

Engine Oils

Use of the correct Engine oil is critical in todays engines and we stock a range of twelve different viscosities and grades. The viscosity (5w/30 for example) is a measure of the oils temperature range – the oils viscosity will decrease as the temperature rises. The grade of the oil required is determined by the vehicle manufacturer – in other words, not all 5w/30 Oils will be suitable for all vehicles requiring a 5w/30. We ALWAYS use the correct oils in vehicle Servicing (albeit that can increase the service cost). We also sell these engine oils for customer top-ups.


We supply, or supply and fit an extensive Range of wiper blades – all at Competitive Prices


We supply, or supply and fit a range of over 45 Vehicle bulbs – from tiny capless bulbs to the latest HID Xenon bulbs. All at competitive prices

Other stock items include

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