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1st 4 Garage Services Car Servicing In Dagenham

Car Servicing In Dagenham

MOT Discount- 1st 4 Garage Services MOT Testing While You Wait In Dagenham

Having your vehicle Serviced ensures it’s well maintained - safe and reliable. The manufacturer will have specified the intervals at which services are required and that information will be in your vehicles handbook. If in doubt, please call us with your registration number and we’ll be able to tell you. An additional benefit of a service is the report which allows you to budget for future repair costs. We employ skilled technicians who take pride in their work. During a Service, they inspect the vehicle and provide our service manager with a report on the condition of any parts showing signs of wear – or indeed that may require urgent attention. Either way, we discuss these with you to enable you to make well informed decisions.

Book your MOT with our Standard Service to receive £10 off our normal MOT price

What does a “Service” Consist of?

As Good Garage Scheme members, we offer their two recommended Industry standard service packages. The first being the Interim service, the second being the Standard Service.

The schedule sheet shown details the items checked and replaced on each level of service. The level of service you need will depend on the mileage covered since the previous service and what was carried out during it.

Why choose 1st 4?

Trust and Expertise. Our technicians have years of experience and the knowledge required to maintain and repair your vehicle. As a company, we believe treating you fairly will gain your loyalty and make us your garage of choice. We do not pay our staff by any form of commission scheme – a tool often used to Incentivise technicians to “find” work.

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